The Masonic Lodge interior seems to be so well organised and thought out, yet it holds many mysteries for the new mason.  The area of the Masonic Lodge that is commonly referred to as the “East” is where the Master of the lodge is seated. The Master of the lodge is elected by the brethren of the lodge annually. The Master is like the CEO of the group.
Directly across the lodge from the Master, in the West, is the Senior Warden’s seat.  The Junior Warden is seated in the South of the lodge to the left of the Master.  The Senior and Junior Wardens assist the Master to rule the Lodge and these three are the Principal Officers.  The Secretary’s Desk is to the right of the Master’s station, opposite the Junior Warden. His duty is to record all Lodge proceedings.  Next to the Secretary is the Treasurer’s seat.  His duty is to pay bills approved for payment and conduct financial affairs for the lodge.  Both Treasurer and Secretary perform a variety of duties that are critical to the success and smooth functioning of the lodge.
The Senior Deacon is seated to the right of the Worshipful Master.   One of his responsibilities is to bear messages from the Master to the Senior Warden.  The Junior Deacon is seated to the right of the Senior Warden.  His duties include carrying messages from the Senior to the Junior Warden.   The Inner Guard is placed inside the door and it is his job to admit qualified members into the lodge.   The Outer Guard is called the Tyler.  He will remain outside during meetings to make sure that qualified members and visitors are properly introduced.   The Master of Ceremonies and his Assistant’s duty is to attend to the ‘floorwork’.  Their place is to the left of the Master.   The Chaplain looks after the spiritual side of the Masonic Lodge.


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