About Porthkerry Lodge 6299, Barry Freemasons

This Lodge was formed in 1946.The name ‘Porthkerry’ translated means ‘Harbour of Kerry’ When it came to selecting a suitable name, the Founders had sought one that would somehow link the Vale of Glamorgan and the town of Barry with its thriving sea-going industry. They found that link in the railway which was used for transporting coal through the Vale of Glamorgan over the large stone viaduct just outside the village of Porthkerry. The Motto ‘In Loco Isti Dado Pacem’ translates ‘In this place will I give peace’

The Lodge came into being for several reasons. 

a) After the second World War the town witnessed a tremendous influx of labour to match the growing capacity and demand of local large employers  plus the subsequent build up of supporting service industries.

b) Servicemen returning from the war wanted to retain the friendship and camaraderie established whilst serving in the forces.

c)The two existing Lodges could not cope with the excessive demand for membership.

Consequently at the time, Barry Lodge and Vale of Glamorgan Lodge, worked hard to form Porthkerry Lodge. It has now developed into its current cosmopolitan make up and style of membership.

What Is Freemasonry?

Freemasonry is a society of men concerned with mutual improvement of moral and spiritual values which its members are encouraged to put into practice in their daily lives.

There are three great principles of Freemasonry that have endured for many years and, whilst they may seem old fashioned, are still as relevant today as they were when first conceived:

Neighbourly concern – characterised by tolerance and respect for others and their opinions and behaving with kindness and understanding towards all people with whom we come into contact throughout life.

Relief – practising care and charity towards our own members and the community as a whole; giving some of our time and attention to care for those who are less fortunate and for the good of our communities; and personal charitable giving, without detriment to our families.

Truth – Freemasons aim to achieve personal integrity by maintaining high moral standards in their own lives and all their activities.

Freemasons believe that through the daily practice of these three great principles, men may achieve self-improvement and higher standards in life.

In simple terms these principles may be summarised as:

Freemasons are expected always to treat others as they would like to be treated in similar circumstances.

 Porthkerry Lodge Social Events

Porthkerry Lodge has many social events during the course of a year. These are organised by the current Master and Secretary of the Lodge and are open to all members, their partners and guests.  This gives the opportunity to socialise outside of the formal Masonic meetings and to raise funds for charities.

Events often include:-

  • Summer ball
  • Ladies Dinner
  • Curry night
  • Quiz nights.

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